Fun with Real-Time Data 🌠

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A curated collection of data-related awesomeness, with a focus on internet, communication & security
Work in progress- I'm continuing to update the list, whenever I come across something epic

My respect goes out to the legends behind each of these projects πŸ‘

Awesome Real-Time Data Visualizations

Info Sec - Databases, APIs, References

Want to build your own live data visualization? The below data sources may be of help

  • Exodus - Trackers in Android Apps
  • Exploit Database - A database or Current software vulnerabilities
  • URLScan - Service scanning for malicious domains, with historical results
  • Dehashed - Data Breaches and Credentials
  • VirusTotal - Detailed virus scans of software
  • Abuse IP DB - Database of IPs reported for abuse
  • SnusBase - Long standing database hosting breached data
  • OpenPhish - A feed of current phishing endpoints
  • HashToolkit - Database of 'cracked' hashes
  • SecLists - Starter list of leaked databases, passwords, usernames etc (Great for programming)
  • Qualys SSL Pulse - A continuous and global dashboard for monitoring the quality of SSL / TLS support over time across 150,000 SSL- and TLS-enabled websites, based on Alexa’s list of the most popular sites in the world
  • Tor Bulk Exit List - List of all exit nodes (IP) in use on the Tor network
  • Mempool API - API for Bitcoin addresses, blocks, feed, memory, transactions and a real-time websocket feed

Info Sec - Data Research & Results

A collection of interesting studies that have collected, analysed and presented findings using internet data

  • Internet Census Data - Includes data on address space allocation, traffic, DNS, service enumeration, internet outages and other internet topology data
  • Web Tracking Data by Princeton University - This is the largest and most detailed analysis of online tracking to date, and measures both stateful (cookie-based) and stateless (fingerprinting-based) tracking. The crawls were made with OpenWPM
  • Who has your Back? by EFF - Anual report assessing how companies handle personal data
  • Lists of Websites Abusing Session Replay - Third-party sesssion replay scripts, record all your acions and allow them to be watched by a human. This list of websites include this
  • Sensor Access Data - A Crawl of the Mobile Web Measuring Sensor Accesses, Illinois
  • Canalys Newsroom - Research Studies on Security, Privacy, Technology and Finance
  • Data Never Sleeps - An infographic visualizing how much data is generated every minute (2019)
  • What they Know about You - An Infographic showing what information are Giant Tech Companies collecting from you (2020)

Finally- Here's a selection of pretty screenshots...

A selection of pretty screenshots