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I'm Alicia, a London-based software engineer.

I have a particular interest in privacy-respecting software, as well as security. I've carried out a few audits, and authored the initial versions of Personal Security Checklist and Awesome Privacy.

I enjoy going to (and sometimes winning!) hackathons. And if you're London-based, you'll probably have bumped into me at a tech meetup.

I love Linux, and (imo) have a neat dotfiles setup which I'm always tweaking. And I have a small homelab, that I'm using to learn more about system administration, and host my own services to (attempt to) escape big tech. I made dashboard app for it.

For work, I'm a principal software engineer at AND.Digital, where I work across various client projects, help to upskill and mentor junior and mid-level developers and ensure that the code we're delivering is the best it can be.

Away from the keyboard, I like sports, hanging out with friends, and going to Church.

Tech Stack

Usually the tools I use for the job, depend on the job. There's no one-size fits all, and as such I'm always trying out new technologies, and constantly learning.

The following technologies are the ones I'm most familiar with, and I've linked to code that I've written with each.